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Future Foundation Scholarship Fund Raising

In 2016, one of the aspirations of FUTURE Foundation was that in appreciation for what was given to us:

“we will give much more before we will ask to receive.”

We decided to form a non-profit, no dues, no membership fees organization. Yet, we were still blessed to be able to offer, just three short years later:

- Skill sharing with >1,200 🇵🇭 students, PT colleagues, and HCPs with zero or low cost, nation-wide seminars and lectures,

- Facilitating the TDPT program to 🇵🇭 based PTRPs with UMt+ Rehab Essentials & FEUNRMF ,

- Cross linking resources and fostering relationships between the American Physical Therapy Association 🇺🇸 and Philippine Physical Therapy Association 🇵🇭,

- And sparking the conversation and encouragement within the Filipino American PT community on how to give back to the 🇵🇭.

We are grateful and proud to have contributed to the cause of advancing the 🇵🇭 🇺🇸and 🌎 PT profession.

We now proudly offering a scholarship grant for the TDPT for the PTRPs: but sending students to higher learning is neither easy, free or inexpensive. 😅

So now we ask humbly from any and all PTs, friends, families and supporters to help our cause: please share our link, purchase a shirt and make a donation!…/2019-spring-fundraiser1

The ordering period for this limited print run ends on Monday, May 27th, 2019, so please support us today!


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