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APTA Societal Impact Award

Gratitude, for what we PTs have been blessed with, is what led to the ideals of FUTURE Foundation. What gives us the most joy is when we get messages of thanks from both 🇸🇽 & 🇺🇸 #FreshPT for the work the nonprofit has done. They have shared expressions of hope, opportunity, and inspiration for their next generation of PTs that all of us worked together here at Foundation.

So it was a total surprise when Consie Cauilan-Aguila got the phone call from the APTA that she had received the 2019 Societal Impact Award.

It turned out, one of our NJ PT colleagues, Jazmine, took the initiative to nominate her with the support of our mentors in both in APTANJ and academia leadership positions, that she will be given the award on Thursday, June 13th, at @APTANEXT Chicago.

We hope those among you attending the conference come share our joy of her hard work being given recognition (with Dr. Ronald Barredo too, for the Catherine Worthingham Fellow Award!) and let our PT colleagues know how we, the 🇵🇭🇺🇸 PTs can contribute to advance the profession.

Though the PT advocacy is its own reward, we are finite people like all of you, and when given encouragement and recognition from unexpected quarters like this, it lifts us up and reassures us the good work is worth the cost of time, talent and treasure we all have given. Thank you Jazmine Tooles, and all of those who continue to believe and support us in our work.

All the glory goes back to God, who strengthens and enables us to do all these! His blessings on all of you as well!


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